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Where the heck did 2012 go?

By fouad | uncategorized
Woah. 2012 was a hectic year for us! So hectic, infact, that we didn’t get time to post much to the site… But that’s all going to change! 2013 has started with a bang and there’s already quite a bit of new stuff to see on the CatStatic Projects page. Check it out!

QBCUBE takes fourth place in contest!

By Luke | uncategorized
The votes have been cast and the winners selected, and we’re really, really happy to be able to announce that QBCUBE has rolled its way into the hearts of the Kongregate audience and judges, who have awarded QBCUBE 4th place from the 600+ entries in the Kongregate Unity Game contest! Of course, this is a [&hellip