QBCUBE takes fourth place in contest!

Luke | uncategorized
10 Mar 2011


The votes have been cast and the winners selected, and we’re really, really happy to be able to announce that QBCUBE has rolled its way into the hearts of the Kongregate audience and judges, who have awarded QBCUBE 4th place from the 600+ entries in the Kongregate Unity Game contest!

Of course, this is a happy day for us here at CatStatic. I could spice things up with dramatic development stories and tell you about how we almost didn’t enter QBCUBE in the contest at all because we didn’t feel it was polished enough; or how when we did decide to enter, we had to work 16 hour days to finish QBCUBE along with our other (much more important) projects; or how we wouldn’t have made the deadline if it hadn’t been moved back one day because of technical issues on the Kongregate site; or how we almost didn’t make it past the preliminary judging round before a fortunate marketing move catapulted us back into the running.

Kongregate Screengrab

At the end of the day, though, we’re just really proud of what we produced, and it is extremely gratifying to learn that a lot of other people seem to appreciate it as well. Not to sound cliched – we like the cash prize and all – but the most satisfying part is knowing that we’ve been able to create an experience that’s brightened up a few people’s day. Of course, we also owe a huge thanks to everyone who voted for us during the contest – Thankyou!

Despite all that’s happened, QBCUBE‘s adventure has just begun – stay tuned to our website for news about where QBCUBE‘s headed next – the multiverse is a big place…