The Cat’s Pajamas
CatStatic Interactive is dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge game engine technology in new and exciting ways in the fields of architectural visualization, product demonstration, educational gaming and advergame marketing. Projects can be published to Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, The Web or a combination of any of the above to reach any audience.

Key advantages of our process:
  • interactivity
    [ innovative, meaningful  ways for users to engage  with your content ]

  • non-linearity
    [ genuine immersion  through a non-linear, user-driven  narrative ]

  • metrics
    [ track usage-statistics  to gain insight  into the user-experience  ]

 meet the management:
[ creative director  ]
As co-founder of CatStatic Interactive, Josh’s responsibilities include product and account management, business development and sales. His formal education includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master’s Degree in Digital Media. He is passionate about ensuring all of CatStatic’s projects achieve an exacting standard of excellence.
[ technical director  ]
With a background in the humanities and a fascination for all forms of media old and new, Luke strives to make technology work for people instead of the other way around. He works hard to push the boundaries of interactive design to develop systems that are engaging, intuitive and meaningful to the people using them.
[ production director  ]
A discerning cinema enthusiast, Fouad’s background is in 3D and Film animation and he has worked in film, TV production and media development. As production director for many of CatStatic’s projects and its brand identity, Fouad now applies this experience to nurture and refine the vision and mission of CatStatic Interactive Inc.