2011 Greeting Card

Luke | games
30 Dec 2011

Happy Holidays
From CatStatic Interactive!

Zap the Cat is late getting his holiday decorations up again!

Even though Zap has already missed “The Big Ho Ho” – a fact he’s not about to live down any time soon – he’s still determined to get in the festive spirit for New Year’s Day! But he needs our help…

Use your mouse to guide Zap through the maze and activate all the light switches. Be quick, because you’re on the clock. Be among the fastest to navigate the labyrinth of CatStatic-style cheer and you’ll have the glory of entering your name on the leaderboard for all to see! There’s no greater satisfaction during the holidays than making your friends green with envy by bragging about your status on videogaming leaderboards, so be sure not to let Zap down!

Good Luck!

Click here to Play!


  1. Karin says:

    Happy Holidays guys! I can’t say I’m very good at Zap the Cat, but I love it nonetheless!



  2. Miranda says:

    I was kind of slow to finish. The Cat always bumped into the bars. I guess I need a better quality mouse to do the maze :)) May be it’s easier to use finger. Fun!!

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m getting better! Good game you guys….good thing you don’t die if you get zapped to many times cuz I think I tortured the poor cat a lot :)