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Centre for Digital Media Groundbreaking Event

By Luke | articles, visualizations
It’s been a long time since our last post, but as our ever-growing Projects page indicates, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. One of the more exciting things to happen to us recently has been our being featured in The Vancouver Sun in relation to the work we’ve been doing with the Great Northern [&hellip

QBCUBE Post-Mortem

By fouad | articles, games
To play the QBCUBE prototype, click HERE. To play the final, polished version of QBCUBE, click HERE. I N T R O D U C T I O N As with so many stories, this one begins with ideas scribbled on a napkin. It was at Bon’s, the local greasy spoon, that the ideas for [&hellip

CatStatic Featured on the MDM site

By fouad | articles
Check out the article here! “Graduates Showcase New 3D Visualization at Birthday Bash for Artist Robert Bateman&#

The Discovery Foundation Tech Growth Strategies Course

By josh | articles
Last Wednesday was the celebration of the end of a fantastic course–the Discovery Foundation Technology Growth Strategies course. The only criteria for admission was, coincidentally, a rather new tech company :) There I am in the photo at the course completion event. It consisted of a series of workshops and webinars to help new tech [&hellip

A Visit to Royal Roads

By Luke | articles, visualizations
I must say, I really am surprised how the province of British Columbia is able to offer up amazing experiences in the most surprising and unexpected places. One such occasion took place on May 19th, when Josh, Fouad and I travelled to Vancouver Island to present our work to the faculty and staff of Royal Roads University