Gold Mountain Quest is an online game developed for Chinese Canadian Stories – a collaborative project between the The University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and various other campus and community-wide partners. The game was initially prototyped by students at the Centre for Digital Media before the project was taken over by CatStatic.

The focus of the game is to bring to light some of the people, places and issues that have had a dramatic influence on Canada’s development, but have long been ignored in Canadian history. The game aims to engage young players from grades 5 to 7 by bringing them into direct contact with characters and items drawn from actual historical data. It allows players to experience life as a Chinese Canadian youth in 1911, and explore historically accurate western Canadian culture in the fictional town of Gold Mountain.

Gold Mountain Quest sets a new standard in the educational gaming marketplace by combining meticulous research, beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay and online accessibility into one package. The game is designed to be completed in under an hour. Watch the trailer below!
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Gold Mountain Quest - Title Screen Gold Mountain Quest - Intro Sequence Gold Mountain Quest - Fred the Telegraph Operator Gold Mountain Quest - Walking around town Gold Mountain Quest - Chen the laundry man Gold Mountain Quest - Telly the Telegraph Machine Gold Mountain Quest - Git the Cook Gold Mountain Quest - Train has arrived Gold Mountain Quest - Credits Page